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Sow’n Sow Gift Of Seeds – Poppy


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Combining a love of gardening with the joy of gift giving, Gifts of Seeds contain everything you need to grow a delightful bed of flowers or herbs.

Sowing instructions are included along with an illustrative plastic plant label to mark out the seeds, and a kraft envelope for gift giving.

The stunning illustrations which feature on these designs are the work of artist and designer Daniella Germain.

All items are made in Melbourne using eco friendly materials including 100% recycled card and soy based inks.

Seed shelf life
If stored in a cool, dry place, our seeds will be viable for at least 2 years.

Mailing or travelling interstate & overseas

Within Australia:
Due to large quarantine inspection fees charged by WA authorities, we unfortunately don’t ship to WA.

There are no restrictions or fees for posting seeds to any of Australia’s other States and Territories.

Outside Australia:
Restrictions on the importation of seeds vary from country to country. Small quantities for personal use are permitted entry to most countries. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check the import regulations of the country they are posting to.

New Zealand:
At the time of writing, only Australian Native and Mother’s Day Gifts of Seeds comply with New Zealand’s strict import requirements so these should be allowed entry. All seed entering NZ will be inspected by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Design that grows

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